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SMO or Social SEO as it is known is the set of strategies that are used to channel social media towards attracting unique visitors to the website and generating better ROI for the business. Improved search ranking is also a benefit of successful SMO. SMO works just like traditional advertising in physical world. It’s about engaging audience creating a rapport, building network and using “word-of-mouth” to gain more audience and spread your message. SMO is all about creating “a buzz” that will go a long way in creating visibility for your business.

Social Media Optimization is considered an integral part of Online Reputation Management strategy for organizations or individuals who care about their online presence.

In India average time spent by the Indian users on the social network are 3 hours per month while Google only gets 1 hour 50 minutes per month.


How does SMO differ from SEO:

Search Engine Optimization also works with same focus of driving unique visitors to website. However where SEO and SMO differ is the source of unique visitor. While SEO works on obtaining visitors via search engines, SMO works on obtaining visitors via social media.

Hence both SEO and SMO are critical for a website to succeed. Both of them complement each other and provide astounding success to the website when implemented in tandem.


Types of SMO:

SMO can basically be classified into two main types:

Type 1: On site-SMO:

Certain social media features can be added to the website itself, like:

  • RSS feeds
  • Sharing/ Like buttons
  • User rating about new product/ service
  • Polls
  • Employee engagement initiative etc

Type 2: Off- site SMO:

Certain social media features work outside the purview of the website; like:

  • Blogs
  • Participating in discussions
  • Joining social networks
  • Viral advertising
  • Press Release etc

Why you need SMO Services:

Today internet is flooded with innumerable websites and business, to differentiate yourself from the crowd you need to have something special. SEO can provide that extra zing to your website, and SMO can spice up your entire web presence to make you outshine your competitors.

  1. Study revels that, 82% of Indian employees use social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to find a new job.
  2. 87% of Indian employees use social media to research an organization they are planning to join.
  3. 75% of social media friendly employees track social media for negative reviews about organizations and hesitate to join if they find any.
  4. 93% of Indian companies allow social media access through office computers from.

More and more people are moving towards using internet and various social media platforms. As the number of users increases, of does the influential power of this media. Today these social media platforms are also highly trusted sources of information and influence user behavior like no other. Normally, people spend 3-4 hours daily on social networking sites. That’s huge captive audience by any standards. Being present on these sites is not a matter of choice, but mandatory for your brand expansion. Social media is the most powerful and defining way of communicating online

  • Facebook has 600 million users
  • Twitter 190 million users
  • Myspace 260 users million
  • Freindster 90 million

Advantages of SMO:

Right SMO can add many brownie points to your business image, by:

  • Influencing a customer’s opinions about your business and your brand
  • Creating brand awareness amongst wider audience and social networks
  • Drive quality traffic to your website from the social networking sites
  • Improve your search rankings by improving your Link popularity. Additionally social media pages show on top of Google fastest
  • SMO gives you the opportunity to connect with your clients like never before. It’s great for sales too as you can reach out to a number of prospects you could not even imagine before
  • Synergizing the SEO and internet marketing campaigns for the website
  • Help in gaining non-reciprocal links which will further boost your link popularity
  • Higher probability to generate enhanced returns on your investment
  • Social Networking sites get your clients, prospects, fans and business partners in one place
  • Social Media Optimization cost a fraction of your traditional marketing expense
  • SMO allows you to reach out to much wider audience base as compared to traditional marketing, and it incurs far lower expense per contact
  • Social Media Optimization is live and interactive. Unlike traditional marketing, it won’t only get you in touch with your audience; it also allows you to get the most crucial feedback from clients
  • SMO allows for customer engagement even after purchase has been made, via mailer’s and community forums

If you choose to ignore SMO then the damage it can cause to your business is colossal in terms of brand image/ awareness and business revenue.

What we do:

Step 1:

Upfront our social media marketing team works closely with you and your management to understand your brand thoroughly. We then work on understanding your expectations and objectives from the SMO strategy.

Step 2:

Next our experts work to create high quality persuasive content and other peripherals required, which will be used to relay right brand sentiment for your brand via social networking sites suitable to your business.

Step 3:

Social media sites are becoming popular day-by-day the number of visitors is enormous, and hence to differentiate your brand from others on these sites; an excellent first impression is a must. The first look of your profile page is crucial for company image. Our team will work to design a professional and exclusive page for you, which will help you make that ‘wow’ impression.

Step 4:

After the profiles have been set-up and made ready, we will undertake ongoing engagement activities to grow your social media visibility, and create a positive brand image.

Step 5:

Once these profiles have been set-up we will closely monitor their performance and results. And suitable action will be taken as and when required. Entire campaign is monitored to help it reach its optimum potential and to help it remain within ethical boundaries.

Step 6:

Regular reports and updates will be sent to you for your information and monitoring.

Other SMO services:

  • Blogs are an essential part of most modern business website. Creating and maintaining a professional business blog for your website an keeping it engaging and fresh is our responsibility
  • RSS feeds
  • Forums are becoming popular medium for discussion and opinion formation. We will select the most relevant forum for your business and ensure that you become a integral part of the forum activities vie regular posting and commenting
  • Twitter Account setup and maintenance
  • Flickr photo slides setup and monitoring
  • YouTube videos account setup and personalizing
  • More and more people are seeking relevant information online. Well written article which are easy to read and easy to find, will boost your standing as expert in you field. We will write well-researches articles for you

Why you need us:

Yes you are right; today everybody knows how to use Social media. So why do you need us? Sure no reason. You can do the entire task yourself.

  1. Create profiles and accounts on few hundred social networking sites
  2. Make custom design and personalize your accounts
  3. Back up your accounts with excellent write up
  4. Make the entire setup look professional
  5. Regularly and frequently post on these accounts
  6. Ensure prompt and regular customer interaction on these websites
  7. Network all these accounts amongst themselves and with your main business website
  8. Keep posting and networking regularly
  9. Show immense patience and perseverance, because social media works slowly.
  10. Ensure that your brand name is not tarnished, and you can maintain clean reputation on these social networks
  11. Ensure you do not quite, just when results are about to show up

Quite simple tasks and you are ready to do your own SMO

What is Social Media Identity Theft?

  • Imagine opening your morning newspaper to the news of how customers have had horrendous experience with your company’s services. The shock will be immense. But the best part is yet to come. These experiences have happened on your company’s profile on xyz social networking site!!!! You will wonder ‘but my business is not on that site?’ It looks like somebody has stolen your identity and abused it to hurt your business. Welcome to the world of ‘identity theft’.
  • Yes it’s unethical and immoral to do so, but such ranting doesn’t help, when irreparable damage has been done to your brand image. So get up and be proactive. Giving your Social media Identity management to professionals will help you avoid such nightmarish situations.

Don't let the competition and cyber squatters steal your brand from you!

Many companies are too late in understanding the gravity of the situation, as a result;

  • Their brand image suffer immensely and they also have to suffer enormous financial expenses in terms of damage control and loss of revenue
  • In some cases the ‘Miscreants’ demand exorbitant prices to sell back the ‘thieved identity’ to the original businesses

Do not choose to ignore this problem by saying ‘It will never happen to me’. In Online world ‘Identity Theft’ is a glaring reality, and choosing to ignore it can cause you colossal damage. Get proactive before it’s too late.

Our SMO professionals work on ensuring that your ‘identity’ is not stolen. Please fill the contact us form to get in touch with us.

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