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“When using a search engine, most people seldom look beyond the first few provided links. At the most, they may venture onto the second available page, but rarely beyond that. In fact, 99% of searchers do not go beyond page three”

Every day, millions will use search engines to find products or services SEO refers to a wide-range of activities designed to assist your website in securing top spots at major search engines, such as Google, and boosting the size of your website’s traffic.

Here’s something to show you the importance of being on 1st page of Search Engine Results. These statistics come from an AOL report, about the amount of click through traffic that each website gets, based on its ranking on the Search Engine Results page.

How does it work:

  • Search Engines use an algorithm to determine the ranking order for a given keyword.
  • In very generic terms, there are two types of optimization activities that help your site rank: on-site and off-site optimization.
  • The on-site work is revolved around changing textual and ‘meta data’ to better reflect relevancy of the keywords you are targeting. This does not involve ‘keyword stuffing‘ but rather ensuring that on a both structural/technical level and semantic level, your site is putting the most relevant face forward to the Search Engines.
  • Once your site is optimized with initial on-site changes, a majority of the daily work is contained within off-site work.
  • The search engines use the amount and type of links pointing into your site to establish strength, authority, trust, and relevancy.
  • Think of each link as a vote – except not every vote is created equal, and each vote contains specific parameters which make it more worthy, strong, and relevant.
  • Our daily task is to build a variety of links into your site in a diverse and organic way to help build link-popularity and equity which will boost your site’s ability to start ranking for its targeted keywords.

Why you need it:

You are either on the 1st page or you aren’t. And god forbid but if your competitors are there, then they have the cake and the icing too. You need to be there, right ahead and on top of your competitors. 1st page position will bring you flood of new visitors and potential buyers.’

Online world is fast-paced and highly competitive scenario. Each customer is presented with innumerable opportunities to choose from, and each seller is trying to best themselves in order to get business. Smart businesses are working round the clock to make the online customer experience a resounding success. This entails makes the website smoother and sleeker to operate.

Better rankings on search engines is the important step to get closer to customer, and marketers are working tirelessly to improve their page rank, build brand power via social media, and ensure that every click gets converted into revenue.

Advantages of Search Engine Optimization:

  • Boost Sales: Search Engine Optimization Services Boost Your Sales!
  • Improve SERP: SEO will help your website achieves a high rank on search engine results pages (SERP) makes way for the targeted visitors to visit your site
  • Beat Competitor: Right SEO will aid your business in leaping ahead of all your competitors in terms of web presence, web traffic and consequently overall profits and sales
  • Best ROI: SEO offers by far the best ROI in long run as compared to any other strategy/ initiative
  • Greater Brand Visibility: Brand visibility gets a big boost from SEO. When properly optimized, your website starts showing up for your business relevant keywords and thus you will be able to attract more and more relevant visitors to your website
  • Create positive impression: A well optimized site is more easily accessible to larger portion of internet users. This will also attract many more potential customers. Also a well optimized site is easier to browse for the visitor and create a very positive impression on the user
  • Brand Building: Your website if your 24/7, 365 days working front. Any user, from any part of the world can access your website at any point of time. Imagine the potential of your website to create the right brand image for your business. A well optimized site will ensure that your website becomes your best representation in the online world
  • Browser accessibility: A well optimized site is accessible by any browser, this makes your website view-able by maximum number of potential customers

What we Provide:

Step 1: Understanding your business & Strategy building
  • We understand that your business is unique and so are its needs. We believe no two clients are same, and each individual is unique. Our experts work on understanding your business and website thoroughly, so that we can come up with personalized solutions designed specifically for you
  • We use only ethical SEO techniques, and focus on organic SEO to provide sustainable results to your business
  • We put together a systematic plan to implement the strategy devised for your business. Our focus is to get you best ROI and astounding success
Step 2: Keyword & Competitor Analysis
  • We conduct detailed Keyword research and Keyword Segmentation to reveal hidden opportunities. We also shortlist the best keywords for you based on their search frequency and relevance to your business & website
  • Detailed competitor analysis is carried out to assess competitor’s online strength and weakness. This analysis helps in forming a formidable strategy to counteract the competition, by working on our strength and playing on their weakness.
Step 3: Website Analysis and Recommendations
  • A thorough technical audit of your website is conducted and recommendations given accordingly
  • Our experts work on creating relevant Meta tags & other html tags for your website to improve its crawler friendliness
  • Your website content is the most crucial piece of the SEO puzzle SEO. Our copywriting experts will work on creating top quality content for your website. In case of pre-existing content, we will analyse the same and provide suggestions if any
  • Easier site navigation makes for better optimized site, our team will work on the same
Step 4: Link Building and Development for your website
  • Our SEO team will work on creation of Sub Domain, which will help in better organization of the website and make it search engine friendly
  • SEO is not complete until right link building is done. We will work on comprehensive link building for your site.
  • Article development and syndication will help in increasing your credibility and authority in your business field, with the additional benefit of link building
  • We will perform directory submission of your website. These directories are carefully selected to include only those with high domain authority
  • Going global is the motto of the world business. However there are great rewards to be earned by doing right regional SEO for your business. For small and medium business regional SEO is very important, and our experts see to it that right attention is paid to the same
Step 5: Continued Monitoring and Optimization
  • We use only ethical techniques to ensure an organic search engine ranking for your website
  • We understand that SEO is a dynamic and ongoing process, and our experts take a not of this and keep in constant touch with changing trends and techniques and update your website
  • We believe in transparency and accountability to our clients. Our experts provide regular updates of Key performance indicators for your website. So that you can yourself monitor the progress and results of our initiatives. Continuous monitoring of your site is performed to ensure that your site maintains top rankings on the search engines

Why us: 

  • ROI Focus: Our Search Engine Optimization Strategies are ROI driven. We understand that bottom-line is return and sales in relation to investment; and hence we ensure proper tracking and monitoring of all key performance
  • Systematic Approach: We have developed a well planned and methodical approach to SEO. Our strategies are designed keeping in mind the algorithms of various search engines like Google etc. Our approach is excellent and its witness is the high ranking achieved in major search engines by our website.
  • SEO knowledge sharing: We don’t believe in client-seller relationship. Our philosophy is to treat you as our partners with the aim of equality and long term relationship. Hence we believe in going beyond the job specification and sharing useful and relevant SEO tips with our partners; so that they can be the best in business always
  • Ethical SEO: We follow only Search Engine approved ‘White-Hat SEO’ techniques. We value your business and brand image as much as you do, and hence we take utmost care to not damage it in any way. Some SEO providers promise you instant results by using ‘unethical Black Hat SEO Techniques’. These techniques might show you instant result, but they are frowned upon by all major Search Engines; and using these techniques can cause you ‘loss of face’ at worst ‘get banned’ by major search Engines
  • Organic SEO: A slow growing tree is much healthier and stronger and has far deeper roots as compared to a fast shooter. Similar to a tree SEO needs to grow slowly. Promises of getting you at number one SERP in few days are based on practices of ‘Inorganic SEO’. The catch being that the faster your journey to numero uno position, equally fast the downfall. We do not make such rash promises nor do we use any under hand techniques. We guarantee you quality, and sustainable results, which will withstand the rigors of SEO world.
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