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Shashank Gupta is a young entrepreneur and the owner of Web SEO Services (WSS). He is also better known as the face of WSS as you can find him on Google search results besides the WSS links. 

He has a Master degree in Business Management, that combined with a business family background has provided him with a strong foundation to launch his own venture. WSS was born after he dabbled in various jobs and worked with some of the leading companies; but never found the cure for his restlessness to do more and be his own boss. His zeal to succeed has driven WSS to its current heights where it can boast of clients from across 4 continents of the world. 

Along with managing WSS he also provides consultancy to clients regarding SEO and related services for their business. He is very passionate about his work and can be found working at the most odd hours at any given day.

Shashank also provides SEO and related training, and till date has trained over 100+ students, ranging from young graduates, to experienced professionals.

If you want to get in touch with Shashank; Please mail on info@webseoservices.in or techspicawss@gmail.com

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